February 1st 2011 – special offers:

1) Limited editions:
- I.Vandemeulebroucke, August d’Orville. De man met de vele gezichten, Belgium, 1983: 7 Euro
- Ignaas Vandemeulebroecke, Pops-hi-story, eerste officiele Belgisch Oploskampioenschap, 1982: 6 Euro
- A. Liesveld, Hersengymnastiek op acht kwadraat, edited LiSB, 2001, 56p.: 4 Euro

2) Biographies:
- F. Reinfeld, Keres’ best games of chess 1931-1948, Dover New York, 1960, 2nd ed., 250 p., English notation: 5 Euro
- Hooper & Brandreth, The unknown Capablanca, Batsford Ltd., London 1st ed. 1975, 194 p., English notation: 8 Euro
- H. Golombek, S.G. Tartakower – My best games of chess 1931-1954, G. Bell & Sons, london 1956, 1st ed., 194 p., with original cover, English notation: 18 Euro
- F. Reinfeld, The immortal games of Capablanca, Dover Publications New York 1970, 238 p., English notation: 9 Euro
- F. Reinfeld, Morphy’s games of chess, Dover New York, 1957, 1st ed., 352 p., English notation: 10 Euro

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